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Product 1

Model Name AONE-GT-LED

Products that use durable all-in-one housing around heat sinks based on patents for heat dissipation and moisture resistance and increase energy efficiency (power consumption 1W)

Product 2

Model Name AONE-RT01

Product 2 (AONE-RT01) is a product that takes advantage of the existing Product 1 (AONE-GT-LED) and improves efficiency.

Display Part


waterproof / Dustproof
Manufactured using a thick silicon gasket and a special design method to completely prepare for external moisture and dust, and each display connection and internal and external wire connections use a silicon O-ring to be waterproof.
The upper and lower housings are made of the same material to withstand a weight of about 21 tons as a result of an experiment stronger than 500kg based on the National Police Agency. The same thermal expansion index does not cause deformation or separation of the product.
The product exceeded the sliding resistance safety standard of 40BPN by constructing an Embossing treatment technique so that all citizens can walk safely, and this construction also disperses light and helps prevent glare.
Heat Dissipation
By blocking radiant heat using a reflector at the top and discharging heat that may be generated inside the product in real time to the outside through an aluminum wing (patented product), the stability and durability of the product are secured.
Energy Conservation
Energy efficiency and safety are improved by facilitating the light emission of the display unit, and energy is saved compared to other products due to low maintenance costs with 1W of power consumption per display unit.
Waterproof Connectors Use
A connector connected between display parts was manufactured using a waterproof treatment technique, and electrical short circuits due to moisture that may occur after construction were prevented.

Control Box


EDR Function
By inserting the only EDR Function (accident recording device) in Korea, the cause and content of signal errors and maloperations can be recorded to confirm the responsibility.
Controller Compatibility
Protocols of nine domestic traffic signal controller companies are manufactured in a channel method so that they can be 100% compatible, and can be easily operated wherever they are installed in the country.
Development of high-efficiency products based on superior technology. By manufacturing, the company has high competitiveness in the floor signal light industry.
Protection Circuit Function
The product has a function of protecting damage to the board due to an input/output short or error that may occur during operation of the display unit.

Breakdown Control
When red and green are simultaneously operated, an abnormal state is detected, the operation is stopped, the power is cut off, and the corresponding information is transmitted.
Day and Night Light Adjustment
To compensate for the shortcomings of the installation effect due to excessive glare at night and weak brightness during the day, this product includes a lighting control function to automatically change according to sunset and sunrise times every month.
The Safety Maintenance Circuit is installed to maintain a stable voltage when overcurrent occurs and the product can operate stably.
DELAY Prevention
Since the accuracy and speed of the signal are directly related to the lives of citizens, a circuit that prevents the DELAY in which the light emission of the display unit is delayed in time is installed to output an accurate signal.

Control System

According to the technical development of the city, the product is designed and provided to be compatible with the control system using the local government's own network through TCP/IP.

Bidirectional Controllable
By inserting a control program for the display unit, all floor signal light display units in both directions of the crosswalk may be controlled by one control unit.

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AONE Traffic R&D / CEO Lim, Hyung-ryul

Room 924, SKV1 B, Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel. 1668-1605 | Contact: 02-971-5178 | Fax. 02-971-5176 |
AONE Traffic R&D / CEO Lim, Hyung-ryul